Operations Experts

Operations Experts

Creating simplicity in your business

The Impact Gap prioritises understanding a business to align the day to day with the vision; merging the ’theory’ with the ‘practicality’. We listen carefully to all stakeholders and grasp connections quickly. We are not phased by complex or never before seen ideas and are here to help you achieve them in the most effective way. We consider all aspects from the small details to the operations on global scale further to leadership and empowered employees.

The Impact Gap can support your business expansions, new market launches or the optimisation of your day to day operations. We can also help you and your team gain a different perspective on ‘how to get things done’ when you feel a bit stuck.

Our approach


Coaching resilience

Executive coaching

Our one-to-one executive coaching is grounded in neuroscience to ensure sessions are productive and effective as well as outcome-driven. Creating accountability is fundamental to achieving results, we’ll guide you through personal goal setting and developing your leadership skills.

Business coaching

Coaching around specific business dilemmas, combining our coaching and business experience to tackle problems in a practical and achievable way. We guide you through the transformation of your growing business.

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